Totally behind


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It has been a really long time since I have posted anything on this blog!  Man am I behind!  Sometime I just have to fix myself a nice cup of  coffee and think about my priorities.  I am going to make a renewed effort to make more posts and to keep this up to date. Life gets busy and we all have things to do, but we should make time for the things that are important to us.  Family first of course, but I have gotten bogged down in the drudgery of life.  I have a new rescoffeeolve to pep things up, so we will see how this goes :)



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I have notice lately that people have become more distant.  I do realize that everyone is feeling the financial strains of our current economy and the rapidly approaching  holidays merely adds fuel to the fire.  I firmly believe that there is another reason; a more technological reason.

A lot of my friends choose to converse sent messages to all using Facebook, Twitter, and the rare few that still use Myspace, instead of emailing a personal note.  It’s very sad to think that a personal email could soon be a thing of the past.  Now we are reduced to a quick post on Facebook for all to see.  It really takes the “personal” aspect away and becomes a more selfish, “it’s all about me” broadcast.

In one rare incidence a family member tried to tell me that another close family member was ill via Facebook.  The attempt to tell me this way failed miserably!  I actually found out via my best friend who called me voice and told me that this family member had been hospitalized and had almost died!  Excuse me, what!  You tried to tell me via Facebook!?!  Broadcast across the internet for all to see?  Then why did I not see it? Is it just me or does that makes it about them personally and not about the patient? Well after my best friend called I immediately went to the broadcaster’s Facebook page.  Let’s call the broadcaster Pam.  I tried to find the post where Pam said that the patient was sick.  Let’s call the patient Helen.  I dug down 3 layers on Pam’s Facebook page looking for news of Helen’s illness.  I found nothing.  After realizing that I did not know fully how to navigate Facebook’s interface very well I finally gave up.   I picked up the telephone and  called other family members to let them know that Helen had been ill but was now recovering.

I really felt wronged somehow.  The more I thought about the things  I put up with on that webpage the less I wanted to have an identity there!  There were always endless request from people wanting me to help their farm, to help with Mafia wars, or the multitude of other little programs that can send a ton of spyware to your computer by sending or receiving  a friendship message.  Bump that! No more!

I am deleting my Facebook Identity and coming out of that selfish “all eyes on me”  virtual reality community. I’m going back to emailing personal notes to my friends and asking them how their day has been.  I’m going back to calling friends on the phone to see if they are ok.  I’m going back to giving my friends a special feeling because they were personally remembered by me and not just a selfish  broadcast to let them know how my world is going while I seem to have lost interest in theirs. Yes, maybe some will call me old fashioned, maybe some will say that I am over reacting, but I know that people that call to inquire about my day truly care about me and are genuinely interested in my well being.  Technology has done a lot for us and I wouldn’t want to change that for any reason.  With that said, technology can still not replace the one on one conversations that we need.  I personally feel that they never should!

Silly Little Website


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I decided that if I was going to keep this domain I might as well use it.  There will likely be  no format or direction to this site,  just a collage of things that I find interesting.  With any luck, you will find some of it interesting too.

I love music, art and life’s little ironies.  My biggest concern lately has been the gigantic oil spill that is filling up the gulf of mexico and why we do not hear more about it main stream.  I know it will take years to clean up a spill of this magnitude.  What are we doing to our planet?  We are all to blame!  We should be driving electric cars, recycling everything we can and stop using things that aren’t recyclable.  Just take a look of the spill via this aerial view and you get a good idea of the scope of the problem we caused.