What’s in the works now


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Here is a sneak peek at what currently on my design board.  I’ll post more after more progress has been made.


My Second Queen-Sized Quilt


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It has taken a long time to get this one posted but here is an overall view of the second large quilt I’ve made.  This one is also Queen sized.  Seems like every one I know has a queen size bed. Here’s the full view:


This quilt was made for relatives (Robert’s Mom, Ruth Anne and her husband Simon) and it was customized just for them.  I had a ton of fun making this quilt, even though I was rushed and finished it 12/23/2014.  I had plenty of time during the year of 2014 to get creative with the blocks.  In fact I spent so much time being artistic with each block that  it was putting them together, quilting and adding the border that I had to work so feverishly to finish in time to give this quilt to them for Christmas!

Here is a block with their anniversary date on it:


I found this image on the web, I hope there is not copyright infringement here, but I gave it as a gift I didn’t sell it so maybe it will be okay.  A lot of the blocks I made I found online, most were coloring pages. But there is one that I made from scratch, the New York Jets.  I made this one for Simon who used to live in New Jersey and he is still a fan.


Oh and that is the New Jersey skyline in the block above it.  Simon also loves to play basketball so I thought that these two blocks were ideal for him.  I’m sure if you have ever visited Pinterest that you have seen that little Hippy van floating around too.  Most are making scrapbook cards and things from it.  I decided to make it a quilt block.

This block is also from the web.  She has some of the most wonderful things she has made. This image she has up for free.  She made a throw pillow using this image, but I decided to use it as a quilt block.  I love how it turned out!


This next block was for Simon.  He  is a math teacher so I made this block for him.  I quilted the wall behind the desk to mimic blocks.  The writing on the chalkboard was embroidered on so was the clock hands and numbers.   I was a bit rusty, haven’t embroidered for years so that could have been a little better but I was pleased with it overall.  I think the hardest part of this one was making the electrical outlet on the wall :)


This music block is really for both of them.  Simon plays violin and Ruth Anne plays the flute.  I didn’t have enough time to put the flute on there and they are really complicated looking instruments!  That would have been really tough.  This was the last block I completed so I had to cut it short and just use the verse and the violin. The lines for the notes I made on my sewing machine.  The notes and letters are all embroidered.


Here is a shot of all the blocks up on my design wall.  I know I’ve gone over all the blocks that I made for Simon, (well, almost all) and I realized it sounded like Ruth Anne got the short end of the stick.  Well not so!  She loves frogs so that one was for her.  There are also two turtle blocks for her.  I also made a Reiki sybol block for her that some of you may recognize.  She is a bohemian, hippie so you will know her blocks when you see them :) Oh and they both play Hay Day on their phones, so I had to make that one to.  The Baby Birdie block may warrant a little more explanation since this is such a personalized quilt.  They have twin girls as well as Robert.  Simon calls the girls, birdies so I had to made this block with the twins in the nest and Robert on the lower branch (since he has already flown from the nest so to speak). I gave Robert crazy eyes because he’s so much fun to pick on :)  The other two birds are Simon and Ruth Anne.  As I said before, I just had a blast making this quilt!



Finally Finished


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I finally finished my first queen sized quilt a couple nights ago!  YAY!  I’ve been working on two quilts at the same time.  It has taken since Jan 2014 but the blocks were done and I have now completed one quilt.  After a much needed day or two of down time and clean up, I am now going to start on the second quilt.



A little different angle



Detail of the fabric I used.  The tan strips and the white binding both have a small floral design.



This is not a perfect quilt but it is my first full-sized quilt and I was proud of it.  At the risk of sounding like a cliche, “what a long strange trip it has been.”  I learned a lot and my second quilt, (that is about to be quilted) should be even better than the first.  I’m giving the Sunbonnet Sue /Sunbonnet Sam quilt to my mom for Christmas.  So those of you that know me, ssssh!  Don’t blab!  Now as long as my sisters doesn’t show her these images my secret should be safe 😉


Totally Behind Part Deux


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I know you have heard this before and now here I am saying this again.  I need to post more often.  Uh huh, that’s me, Miss good intentions and no follow through!  Well life has kept me really busy.  However I have managed to find a couple hours a day to get some sewing finished.  So far I’ve made a lap quilt, a wall quilt and a table runner, and decorated a few tea towels.  The project I’m working on now is making a queen sized Sunbonnet Sue/Sunbonnet Sam quilt.  I’m trying to get this finished for a Christmas present for my mom (2014).  Yes, I can say that because she doesn’t use computers so my secret should be fairly safe. :)  Here is a pic of my quilt blocks up on my display wall, (most of them, I still had one row to pin up there) just trying to get a feel for their placement.

Sunbonnet Sue & Sam

Sunbonnet Sue & Sam