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Posted by Marsha | Posted in Animals | Posted on 01-08-2010

Ok, I have another stray that has adopted us!  He looks like Crackers doesn’t he?  I wonder if he’s her dad?  He’s a full grown male blue point Siamese /Tabby mix.  He’s a little cross – eyed but has a very loving disposition.  He’s a very gentle soul and loves attention.

Want to help me name him?  Just reply to this post and tell me what you think his name should be.


UPDATE!  We have decided that this Tom is a “neighborhood cat”.  You know, one that wanders from house to house and can have several masters.  Mostly he just loves to eat! lol We did decide that if he’s going to hang around we had to call him something!  So I decided he looks like an Al.  There is a funny story as to how that came about.

You see, he really loved my cat named Gizmo.  Yes, Gizmo my male cat.  I guess since Al is cross-eyed he couldn’t tell the difference.  He followed Gizmo for days, and you know this thoroughly ticked Gizmo off.  So we started calling him “Big Gay Al”, like the character in South Park.  It was a term of endearment though.  His name has since morphed into Alfred and he’s a sweet little visitor that we feed to this day. :)


UPDATE:  Alfred was truly a community cat.  He would come by every day to eat get a scratch behind his ears and be on his way.  It’s been a month now since we have seen him so I’m not sure what has happened to him.  I’m going with the theory that his owner finally got him neutered and now he’s a lazy home body…yea, that’s it!


My Brood


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I am an animal lover as you are about to see.  The pictures below are all my babies, each with unique personalities and very pronounced dislikes.  They are all very spoiled.  Ah, it’s such a hard life!

This is Bitzie.  She is the alpha female of all my cats and a really big ham.

As you can tell this is her favorite position to lay.  That way she have have more belly rubs!  She loves attention and often preforms if we have a visitor by being overly affectionate and talking to them, however she spends most of her time outside in the summer.  Bitzie is our most intellectual cat. She loves everyone but she really is attached to me.  She always had to follow me around the house, even when I went to the bathroom she had to be in there too.  It wasn’t long before we noticed that she was using the toilet when she had to pee.  Now if I can just teach her to flush!

Such a hard life!


Tigger does not like to be held, but loves to sit on Matthew’s lap.  (it has to be all HER idea)  She also loves my son’s stinky shoes and will roll around all over them…odd little kitty.

Girly is Tigger’s daughter.  Girly is a classic Tabby cat although she has some beautiful coloring.  She loves Robert!  That is her human of choice.  Her favorite thing is to cuddle up with him on the couch.

Just like her mother, Girly does not like to be held, but does enjoy her cuddles with Robert.  Again, it has to be HER idea.  She likes to try to talk to us as well and will look intently into your eyes if you were talking to her.

Button is a female gray tabby like Tigger.  She is a silly kitty and that is an understatement!   She likes to be held in odd positions and if she climbs in your lap she will lay down in an odd position.  She is quite chubby and vocal!

Button does not trust strangers since she was “dropped off” by her previous owner at our house.  She is spoiled just like all the other cats, but Button is our comedy relief. She talks to me across the lawn and talks the whole time she is walking toward me.  She loves the whole family equally and will talk to anyone of us that is ready to listen.

Crackers is a Tabby-Siamese Mix.  Tigger is her mother.  She is a loving, vocal, silly kitty.  She loves everyone and will nearly turn a flip if she sees you approaching her to pet her.

Simba is another cat that we had “dropped off” at our house.  He was a bit wild and it took me 2 weeks to acclimate him to our home.   He is a long haired cat and very shy with strangers.  When it is just our family around he is very loving. Simba has the sweetest disposition.  He will lick my arm as a show of affection.  He adores other cats, and has never met a cat he doesn’t like, whether they like him or not.  I fear this may get him into trouble one day.

He will run up and was their face for them as a show of affection.  He has another trait that is annoying to other cats.  He has no respect for their personal space.  He will just lay down on them or lay way too close to them for their comfort and they get up and leave all mad.  But his heart is in the right place.


This kitty’s name is Gizmo.  Giz was “dropped off” at our house when he was about 4 weeks old.  He was full of fleas and smelled horrible.  I put him in the sink and washed him…..twice.  When I was satisfied he was clean and flea free, i held him up to dry him off and looked at him and all i could see was eyes and big ears just like the little gremlin on the movie Gremlins, so that is how he got his name. Here’s his baby picture

Gizmo is a silly little cat.  He loves everyone, but like the other “drop off” cats, he still is shy around strangers.  Here is Gizmo all grown up making a silly snear at the camera.  See what i mean, he is silly! :)

One of Gizmo’s favorite past times is to pester Moogie.  She tolerates it briefly, then promptly slaps him and he behaves himself.

This is Eiko, pronounced eek-o.  She is also a tortoise shell Calico.  Eiko is most shy and passive cat.  She loves everyone but is painfully timid.

I found it hard to photograph most of my pets, but Eiko was a real challenge!  She is very camera shy.  Eiko spends most of her time using her coloring to blend into the background.  She is happiest on her own and is a true survivor.  Once in awhile she gets in silly mode though.  I call it her blonde moments,  where she acts like she wants me to follower her so she can show me something.  I always follow her when she gets like this but usually all she wanted to show me was her little hiding space.

Eiko has a very high pitched voice and meows very softly.  She is a very loving, very shy kitty.

Believe it or not, with all these cats we also have a dog.  This is Tinker.  He is most affectionately known as “stinky tinky”

Tinker is a Pomeranian and Scotty mix.  He loves everyone and is always eager  to please.  He lives in our fenced in back yard. (with lots of kitties)  He will take any opportunity he can to sneak out though.  He loves to slip through the gate and go for a walk down the road.  Tinky is getting older now and we’re starting to see a little gray around his eyes and on his face.  He’s almost completely deaf  now so we have to be sure not to walk up close to him while he is sleeping and startle him.  Not that he would bite, no, he has never tried to bite anyone.  But it really scares him and I can image how that would feel if I were deaf.

Tinker has his little doggie bed in a lawn chair but loves to stretch out on the patio to get cool.  We have to shave his hair short in the summer to help him stay cool. Tinky is protective of the cats that live with him in our back yard.  If a strange cat comes over the fence, he promptly runs them off.   He’s a sweet little man.

This little basket is full with our yellow tabby (Mr. Beans) and his mom Eiko (pronounced) Eek -o.  They love to cuddle together.


After being gone at least 5 to 6 weeks, Mr. Beans came home!   He is skinny and a bit weak, but I feel sure it won’t take long for him to regain his strength.  We were both soooo excited to see each other!  Miracles do happen! :)

8/01/10 – Beans has gained back his weight and is happily staying in the back yard now.  I think he’s decided that there’s no place like home. :)