Dental Visit


Posted by Marsha | Posted in Blog | Posted on 16-11-2011

I went to the Dentist today and had a tooth pulled.  Ya know, I added it all up and that one little tooth cost me quite a small fortune!   The first visit to get a prescription for antibiotics and an x-ray to tell me that it is infected (even though I already knew this): cost $66.00.  The antibiotics were $24.00.  I scheduled another visit to get the actual extraction done which was another $100.00.  Yes, I know, there are lots of places where the prices are higher, I am not one of the lucky ones that has dental insurance, so that makes things a bit tougher.  Luckily I didn’t have to miss work or that would have just added to the cost.

I was sitting in his chair waiting for the meds to numb my face and adding up all the costs involved in this one small tooth and noticed a print out for me to “like” him on Facebook.  Right next to this printed page was a one page artical that was published in a local newspaper featuring my dentist that had been framed and hung on the wall.  The article was about his dentist office being empty because of people’s financial struggles.  So I guess the Doctor is having financial struggles too!  So I am off to Facebook now to give him a “Like” advertisement so he can build his business and hopefully still be there if I need further dental treatment.  Life goes in circles doesn’t it?

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